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Treat others the same way
you want them to treat you.

The Bible verse, Luke 6:31, above is referred to as the Golden Rule. It is this verse from which the name Golden Rule Wealth was derived and is one of our core values.

We look forward to meeting and learning more about you, but until then we have provided, below, some information to help you get to know us better.


God’s people becoming financially free, so they can make more of an impact in the world and leave a legacy.


To equip God’s people with financial knowledge and services, so they can build a solid financial foundation, relieve their financial stress, live their purpose, make a greater impact in the world, and leave a legacy


Love, Faith, Hope, Peace, Honesty, Integrity, Generosity, Balance, Respect, Accountability, Responsibility.

Meet our Founding Wealth Strategist

Jason Bleick was raised in a small rural town outside of Spokane, Washington. Growing up in a low-middle-class household with two over-worked and over-stressed parents. He was never taught sound financial principles and the little he did learn in school was just enough to get in trouble. It wasn’t until talking with a bankruptcy attorney and completely frustrated following the 2008 market crash, he got the wake-up call he needed.

After much formal and informal study, Jason turned from the “typical” financial advice to find sound financial principles. The same principles the smart and wealthy 1% use to keep their legacies growing. After being appalled by the fact these principles are out in the open, but never taught to the majority of hardworking Americans, he decided to start educating others about what he wished he had been taught many years back. Golden Rule Wealth was started to help people live better lives today and, in the future, while they help others around them improve their lives.

Jason L Bleick, MBA
Financial Educator, Tax Therapist, and Money Multiplier

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