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Take Control of Your Money and Finances

“Typical” Financial

Planning has Failed


What you'll discover in your free wealth builder blueprint...

  • How to take control of your financial future.

  • How to leave a tax-free legacy.

  • How to reach personal economic independence without the roller coaster ride of Wall Street.

  • Learn how to have peace of mind and financial security now and in the future.

  • How to reach personal economic independence without the roller coaster ride of Wall Street.

  • Learn how to have peace of mind and financial security now and in the future. 


    FREE Wealth Builder Blueprint!

    Are you ready to stop the ''hope and pray'' method of the “typical” financial plan and Revolutionize your Wealth with a crystal clear wealth strategy?



    Live the life you were created to live, now, not someday. Stop the financial stress and worry of “if and maybe when”.



    Become educated on what the wealthy top 1% are doing differently.



    Learn how to increase your cash flow today and your wealth in the future. Schedule a session with a wealth strategist today!

    “Our Wealth Builders are…”



    Wealth Builders should have focus and not chase whatever the latest and greatest shiny object or opportunity.



    Wealth Builders should want to continue to grow not only their assets but grow their mindset.



    Wealth Builders should have some financial experience. We have no “minimums” as far as income or assets to work with us, however, some financial experience or a strong desire to gain experience is recommended. 



    Wealth Builders should be action takers. When solid opportunities are presented, we don’t want our clients to miss out because of inaction or “analysis paralysis”.



    Wealth Builders are willing to accept responsibility for their own future, they learn, put forth the effort, and take appropriate action to achieve the results they want.



    Wealth Builders realize they are accountable for their actions. The “buck stops with them”, they do not blame others for their actions.

    Would you answer YES to the questions below?

    YES! I have a burning desire to grow my assets, protect my assets, and leave a legacy.

    YES! I’m tired of trying to figure things out on my own.

    YES! I am tired of listening to the failed “typical” financial advice.

    YES! I want one-on-one help from Golden Rule Wealth to reach economic independence.

    If so, grab your free blueprint below...


    FREE Wealth Builder Blueprint!


    Meet the Founding Wealth Strategist

    “To equip God’s people with financial knowledge and services, so that they can live their purpose and leave a legacy.”

    Jason L Bleick, MBA

    Financial Educator, Tax Therapist, and Money Multiplier

    Jason was raised in a small rural town outside of Spokane, Washington. Growing up in a low-middle-class household with hardworking parents he was never taught sound financial principles and the little he did learn in school was just enough to get in trouble. It wasn’t until talking with a bankruptcy attorney and completely frustrated following the 2008 market crash he finally got the wakeup call he needed. After much formal and informal study, Jason turned from the “typical” financial advice to find sound financial principles. The same principles the smart and wealthy 1% use to keep their legacies growing. After being appalled by the fact these principles are out in the open, but never taught to the majority of hardworking Americans, he decided to start educating others about what he wished he had been taught many years back. So, he started Golden Rule Wealth to help others build a solid financial foundation, live their purpose, and leave a legacy.  

    Commonly Asked Questions

    What is the Wealth Builder Blueprint?

    The Wealth Builder Blueprint is an ebook to follow, to build wealth outside of Wall Street. Think of it as a step-by-step guide to building true wealth.

    Who is the Wealth Builder Blueprint best suited for?

    Our community is made up of working professionals, business owners, influencers, entrepreneurs, that want to reach personal economic independence outside of the craziness of Wall Street. Also, our community seeks financial solutions that really work, so they can live the life they were created for, today. They do not want to use the hope and pray and maybe someday methods of the “typical” financial plan.

    Why is this free? 

    We at Golden Rule Wealth are spreading the word that there are alternatives to the "typical" failed financial advice. There are alternative places to store cash and we want to share that message.

    We at Golden Rule Wealth hope you enjoy the blueprint and your journey to true long term wealth. 


    Jason L Bleick, MBA


    Golden Rule Wealth


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