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How Golden Rule Wealth
can help you

First, the focus is YOU: your dreams, your goals, your challenges, your entire life picture. You are unique and a cookie-cutter approach will not work.

Next, education rips down the financial lies that are holding you and your finances back.

Then, we develop a custom and proven financial strategies specific to you.

Finally, after a mutual agreement with you, we help implement the strategies to reduce risk, grow and protect your wealth, and minimize taxes.

All of this helps you reduce financial stress, You worry less about money, and you get better financial results.

How Golden Rule Wealth puts you back in control of your finances

Wall Street and the banks want you to believe you need them and you need to be a financial expert to win the money game.

They spend billions of dollars to perpetuate this illusion. Let’s face it, the conventional or “typical” financial advice is outdated and has failed many hard-working Americans.

What worked 40 years ago doesn’t work in this constantly changing world. Wall Street and the markets have headwinds and are out of control. Golden Rule Wealth believes there is a better way than the “hope and pray” model of the “typical” financial advice.

We believe the best place to start taking back control of your finances is with knowledge.

We educate our clients on how to use their money and what to watch out for. With new-found knowledge and a step-by-step strategy to build a solid foundation, our clients will be unstoppable. And Golden Rule Wealth will always be in your corner because your dreams and goals become our dreams and goals and we are with you every step of the way.

The Legacy Design

One of the primary ways we help you reduce financial stress and achieve financial freedom is through your Legacy Design.

Benefits of a legacy design

1) Certainty

Automated saving with guaranteed rates of return. This removes the guesswork from your portfolio

2) Protection

Reduce stress by knowing the market’s volatility won’t touch your financial foundation

3) Cash Flow

Enjoy income in your later years without the worry of running out

4) Liquidity

Access your money when you want, regardless of age and without penalties

5) Control

Keep your wealth in your hands, with reduced tax liability and increased asset protection

6) Legacy

Be able to pass along your wealth the same way the ultra-wealthy have.

How to set up a Legacy design

Schedule a no obligations meeting with a wealth strategist. We need to first understand your unique situation, needs, and to make sure we are a good fit.

Golden Rule Wealth will customize a financial strategy specific to your situation and needs.

Implement your financial strategy. Rest assured Golden Rule Wealth will be with you every step of the way and for years after.

the Infinity Wealth Strategy

Once your Legacy Design is set up, we will be your guide to efficiently grow your wealth. We will educate you on the Infinity Wealth Strategy. The Infinity Wealth Strategy will help you minimize taxes while maximizing your cash flow.

The Infinity Wealth Strategy 101 Course

Get exclusive access to life-changing online courses and take the first step toward reaching your financial freedom.


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